Energy Monitoring

Energy expenses presumably represent a substantial part of your business’ operating budget. However, do you have an overview of irregularities in the energy consumption, unnecessary additional consumption and idle loss?

With energy monitoring you get a precise insight into your business’ energy consumption distributed on locations and consumption type. An online system collects data from energy meters making it possible for you to monitor your business’ energy consumption day and night. The system sends consumption reports and over-consumption alarms, which means you can use facts to optimise relevant areas of your business.

This creates specific and measurable results, which benefit both the bottom line and the environment.

Advantages from Energy Monitoring

Take control over your business’ energy consumption and obtain:

  • A solid data basis for goal-oriented and continuous energy optimisation
  • An improved operating economy with energy savings
  • Documentation of eco-friendly effort and thereby a strengthened green business profile
  • Alarms of sudden fluctuations in the energy consumption – hereby avoiding accidents and injuries that would otherwise only be discovered later

Energy Measurement

To get started with energy monitoring, your business needs to get measuring equipment installed. The measuring equipment collects wireless data from different consumption areas, which is transferred from your locations to an online system, where you can keep up with the energy consumption hour after hour.

The measurements that are made include:

Get the Full Effect of Energy Monitoring with Goal-oriented Consulting

An energy monitoring system is only efficient if your business has time and the necessary resources for analysing the energy data and finding the processes and equipment that might be the cause of over consumption and idle loss.

If energy monitoring is optimally used, it is an efficient tool for continuous and goal-oriented energy optimisation of your business. With our Opteamize service agreement your business gets an energy partner, who can help you with:

  • Monitoring the energy consumption
  • Installing alarms and benchmarks
  • Analysing energy data
  • Converting knowledge about consumption to specific initiatives
  • Documenting energy savings

Thereby, energy monitoring becomes an integrated part of an energy management system, which ensures your business continuous energy savings and an improved bottom line.

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