Energy Management

Does your company work systematically with optimising energy consumption and producing more sustainably? An energy management system ensures that your company is in a continuous energy optimisation process, where all energy is utilised in the best possible way. This is, among others, achieved via energy monitoring, implementation of energy saving initiatives and behaviour optimisation.

What Is Energy Management?

Energy management is a structured approach to optimisation and reduction of your company’s energy consumption. The management system is an ongoing process which ensures that energy efficiency is included in all relevant decisions and activities. This results in energy savings both in the short and long term.

Why Implement Energy Management?

There a several benefits for your business to obtain:

  • Overview, control and reduction of energy consumption
  • Improved bottom line and competitive position
  • A greener profile based on a reduced climate impact
  • A tool to monitor energy consumption and detect future deviations
  • A corporate culture with climate objectives in focus

According to the Danish Energy Agency, energy management typically doubles the energy savings compared to a traditional technical oriented approach.

At the same time, there are also often numerous side benefits from energy optimisation, e.g. improved productivity and quality.

Read more about how, among others, the manufacturing companies Lactosan and Carletti obtained increased productivity and higher quality as benefits from energy optimisation.

Dansk Energirådgivning
Dansk Energirådgivning

How to Get Started with Energy Management

Energy management is a process that requires identification and inclusion of relevant employees with the greatest influence on your company’s energy efficiency.

In addition to the employees, the core components of energy management include:

  • Development of an energy policy
  • Mapping of energy consumption
  • Preparation of goals and plan of action
  • Implementation of behavioural adjustment and technical projects
  • Implementation of energy monitoring and extraction of key data
  • Evaluation and continuous implementation of improvements

It may be a good idea to consider whether the necessary competencies already exist in the company or whether the involvement of external specialists is necessary.

Invest in a Green Partnership

At Danish Energy Consulting we have more than 12 years of experience with impartial energy consulting. Based on our experience and energy management after ISO 50001, we have developed the service concept Opteamize. An Opteamize service agreement comprises the best elements of energy management and gives your business the right tools for continuous energy efficiency.

With Opteamize your company gets a stable energy partner, who is only honoured based on the value of the savings realised.

Read more about the opteamize service agreement here
Dansk Energirådgivning