Opteamize Service Agreement

If you want to come across all aspects of your business’ energy consumption in collaboration with an experienced energy partner, then the Opteamize service agreement is the solution for you. We have used our more than 12 years of experience in energy consulting and best practices in energy management to devise a service concept which best ensures that your company’s green transformation becomes profitable and measurable through continuous energy efficiency.

With an Opteamize service agreement, our fees are based solely on the real value of the energy savings your business obtains in collaboration with us. Thus, there is no costs related to our consulting until your business has reduced its energy consumption.

The Elements of an Opteamize Service Agreement:

  • An expanded energy screening of your company with a thorough review of buildings, processes, plants, and equipment
  • An energy plan with specific suggestions for energy optimisation where initiatives are assessed and prioritised in collaboration with you
  • Consulting concerning optimisation of idle loss and behaviour
  • A stable energy partner, who through continuous and repeated service visits ensures insistence of the reduced energy consumption and anchoring of energy-right behaviour
  • Review and optimisation of expenses for energy purchases
  • Energy meters which collect data from different consumption types and locations
  • An efficient energy monitoring tool, where you and we can monitor your business’ energy consumption, set over-consumption alarms, collect key figures and generate consumption reports
  • Project reports with overview of energy saving initiatives, investments, payback times, and potential subsidies.
  • Consulting during execution of energy saving projects
  • Continuous reporting of developments in energy consumption through quarterly status reports as well as annual reports
  • Energy measurement of completed projects to ensure retention of the energy savings

Focus on energy and obtain multiple benefits

With Danish Energy Consulting as your energy partner you can focus on the daily operation while we focus on your business utilising energy in the most optimal way as possible. In this way, you will with an Opteamize service agreement obtain:

Continuous Energy Optimisation

An Opteamize service agreement makes energy optimisation a circular process. Thereby, your business will get the right tools to embed energy saving initiatives in the processes and behaviour of the business. We do this because we believe that you obtain the best results, if energy efficiency is included in all parts of your business’ value chain.

We execute a screening of your business’ energy consumption, establish a baseline for the consumption and devise a plan for meters. These three components form the basis of the continuous energy optimisation of the business and evaluation of the energy saving initiatives’ results.


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