Opteamize Project Agreement

If you want a systematised and strategic approach to optimisation of your business’ energy consumption during a multi-year agreement period, then the Opteamize project agreement is the solution for you.

Our fee is based on the actual value of the energy savings that we help your business obtain. Hereby, you will only have expenses for our consulting, when your business has reduced its energy consumption.

Choose an Opteamize Project Agreement and Receive:

  • An expanded energy screening of your business with thorough evaluation of buildings, processes, plants and equipment
  • Energy technical measurements that form the basis for qualification of energy savings
  • An energy plan with specific suggestions for energy optimisation, where initiatives will be assessed and prioritised in collaboration with you
  • Project reports with overview of energy saving initiatives, investment, payback time and potential subsidies.
  • Consulting regarding the implementation of energy saving projects
  • Documentation and quality assurance of the energy savings realised
Dansk Energirådgivning

Obtain multiple Benefits with an Opteamize Project Agreement

The Opteamize project agreement is based on the idea that we help your business identify, prioritise and implement a number of energy saving projects during an agreement period. When one project is completed, a screening for the next project that meets the criteria of profitability as well as the appointed goals is conducted. In this way, you will with an Opteamize project agreement obtain: