Energy Savings in the Maritime Sector

Energy optimisation contributes to your business’ sustainable development by reducing emissions and at the same time improving the operating economy.

Our maritime department is specialised in identifying potential energy optimisation possibilities within the maritime area, both in existing fleet as well as in relation to planned newbuildings where different options for fuel savings are considered.

Maritime energy consulting

We have extensive experience with optimising fishing vessels and ferries in the field of retrofit projects and newbuildings. Over the past 4 years, we have completed more than 100 projects on vessels in the Danish fishing and ferry fleet, in which we have been involved in the development and documentation of the energy savings projects and completed applications for potential subsidies.

We have completed projects such as:

  • Replacement of propellers, propeller nozzles, main engines, gears, etc.
  • Replacement of lighting to energy saving LED lighting.
  • Replacement of hydraulics, pumps, refrigeration systems, ventilation, fuel centrifuges, etc.
  • Heating systems and waste heat recovery
  • Hybrid and electric propulsion systems
  • Hull optimisation and fuel reducing antifouling paints

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Beneficial Energy Consulting

Danish Energy Consulting offers consultancy services in relation to the calculation of energy and fuels savings, report writing, onboard measurements, documentation of energy savings, and application for potential subsidies.

We also offer to locate opportunities for energy optimisation in land-based installations. We have more than 12 years of experience with industrial processes such as heating, ventilation, and process technologies.

We consult both based on the concept “no cure, no pay” and regarding project and service agreements where we during a multi-year period ensure your business energy savings in return for a share of the saving.

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Energy audit of maritime businesses

Is your maritime business required to carry out an energy audit? We have certified energy audit consultants who can assist.

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