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Energy Savings in Production and Industrial Businesses

Vastly energy consuming processes, production equipment and plants are often characteristic of production and industrial businesses. This means that most of these businesses have great potential for energy optimisation. Energy optimisation of your business can, with the right tools and goal-oriented consulting, create great results which positively contributes to both your operating economy and the green transition. Read here to know how.

Create an Overview of Your Energy Consumption

It can, for most businesses, be a challenge to allocate time for reviewing the energy processes in the business and to create an overview of the energy consumption as well as the potential for energy optimisation. The majority of businesses have already executed an energy saving project or two, however, there is often a lack of resources for continuous monitoring of the energy consumption and for ending overconsumption and idle loss. If you don’t have a continuous overview, it can be difficult to identify and prioritise the energy saving initiatives that creates the most value for your business’ financial position and green image.

Businesses with industrial processes can have many energy consumers which can be optimised. As consultants, we often find potential for optimisation of:

  • Ventilation systems
  • Refrigeration / freezer equipment
  • Lighting
  • Drying equipment
  • Boilers
  • Heating pumps
  • Heat exchangers

There can many reasons why the plants of your business are not operating energy efficiently. It could, for example, be that the plant is not adjusted for your business’ needs, or that there is a need for changes in the temperature settings. Even small actions can result in great savings on the energy bill.

Book an energy screening which maps out your business’ energy consumption

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Strengthen Your Bottom Line and Competitive Position with Energy Savings

The green transition has gathered speed, and consumers are increasingly demanding products that are manufactured with respect for the climate.

Energy savings can ensure that the green transition is cost-effective for your business. When you optimise your business’ energy consumption, you reduce the energy expenses here and now. At the same time, the lower energy consumption will result in a more sustainable production, where the product will be manufactured with a smaller climate imprint.

If you want to obtain the greatest possible savings it can be an advantage to implement an energy management system, which systematise and focus your business’ energy optimisation.

Impartial Energy Consulting in Industry and Production

At Danish Energy Consulting, we have more than 12 years of experience with developing innovative energy saving projects in a wide range of industries, particularly in relation to production and industrial processes. If you get an energy consultant involved, you are ensured relevant consulting and support that result in the most optimal solutions and sustained savings on the energy bill. We have the overview over current energy subsidies and consult impartially about technical solutions.

We consult both based on the concept “no cure, no pay” and regarding project and service agreements, where we during a multi-year period ensure your business’s energy savings in return for a share of the saving.

Discover our different concepts and find the best fit for you and your business here.

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