All-round Biogas Consulting

Our biogas consultants have years of experience with agricultural biogas plants. We can assist with everything from the initial assessments for a biogas plant and project implementation to biological service of the completed plant.

Project Development, Implementation, Optimisation and Expansion of Biogas Plants

At Danish Biogas Consulting, we have broad professional expertise and practical experience with biogas. Based on our present overview and extensive network in the industry, we can ensure your project innovative and optimal solutions.

Whether you consider establishing a biogas plant, optimising or expanding a current plant, we have the consultancy services needed. We use our experience from a number of biogas plants to create complete solutions that accommodate wishes and demands from both the owners and the environment surrounding the biogas plant.

Biological Service and Analysis

Optimum operation of a biogas plant is a mix of technical and biological processes. It requires ongoing biological service and analyses to maintain the highest possible and stable gas production.

With a biological service agreement from Danish Biogas Consulting, you are, among other things, secured an optimal gas output and fewer operational errors. Based on ongoing sampling from the biogas plant, thorough analysis in our lab and reporting about the plant’s state of health, we provide a current overview of your biogas plant.

We customise any service agreement according to the needs and demands of the specific plant’s operators and owners. Contact our biogas service department and gain insight into the possibilities of biological service from Danish Biogas Consulting.

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Administration, Sustainability Certification and Regulatory Processing

We have vast experience with administrative assignments, sustainability certification and regulatory processing in relation to establishment and operation of a biogas plant. Contact us to hear more about our international services.