Energy Savings in Agriculture

Energy efficiency can improve both the climate imprint and the operating economy of your agriculture. Get started on saving energy with goal-oriented consulting.

Does Your Agriculture Consume Too Much Energy?

The energy efficiency of your agriculture depends on whether or not you continuously keep an eye on the energy consumption and focus on implementing energy saving initiatives – a task which can be time demanding. There can, nevertheless, be great savings and benefits to obtain if you optimise your agriculture’s energy consumption.

Efficient Agriculture Requires Efficient Energy Usage

The areas where it is cost-effective to energy optimise can be uncovered with the right tools and consulting. Based on a thorough survey of your agribusiness, we map the processes in which energy is wasted or could be optimised. Common energy consumers with potential for substantial savings include:

  • Boiler systems
  • Heating pumps
  • Lighting
  • Ventilation
  • Heat exchangers
  • Slurry cooling
  • Tractors
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Industry-specific Energy Consulting in the Agricultural Sector

Our experience in the agricultural sector is based on energy savings projects in a wide range of agribusinesses, including pig and poultry farming, dairy farming and crop growing. Our industry-specific expertise ensures that any energy efficiency project is provided specific and goal-oriented energy consulting.

Our consulting is impartial in order to ensure you the implementation of optimal solutions that create the most value for your agriculture. We do this because goal-oriented energy optimisation often create value in terms of both financial savings as well as environmental and operation benefits.

For example, farmer Mads Niær Krisensen saved 4.000 kWh a month by replacing the heating mats in his farrowing barns, which at the same time improved the environment in the barns.

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