Case – Lactosan

Optimised production with a new dehumidifier

Lactosan produces cheese powder for the food industry. This happens through a drying process where the air from the outside is used. However, because the temperature and the humidity of the outside air varies through the seasons, Lactosan’s production has been very affected by the changing quality of air.

“The numbers showed a great potential to make use of the waste heat. The heat was used for a dehumidifying process which would maintain the desired level of humidity during the drying process. This solution will solve the issues with the changing humidity of the outside air and will additionally benefit the energy consumption.”

Ole Jakobsen, Senior Project Manager at Danish Energy Consulting

To accommodate this issue of changing quality of air, Lactosan has installed a new dehumidifying solution. This new dehumidifying solution has given Lactosan a higher and more stable production in addition to energy savings.

»The dehumidifier helps us standardise the quality of the air we use in the drying process. We now have a fully automatic process which ensures that the drying process is provided with a sufficient amount of air with a fixed temperature and humidity. In this way, we have eliminated a factor of uncertainty which has earlier affected our production in a wrong direction. With the new dehumidifier our production has increased and our energy usage for the same amount of production has dropped, « says Jan Nykjær Pedersen, Marine Engineer and Technical Manager, Lactosan.

​The estimated profit was an energy saving of 10-15 percent. Furthermore, will Lactosan be able to maintain a higher and more stable production in the summer months with high humidity. This was made possible with the new dehumidifying solution which keeps the humidity at the desired level.

In cooperation with Danish Energy Consulting, JME VVS and GEOVENT A/S, the new dehumidifier at Lactosan has been installed and putted into operation.
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