Case – Carletti

Higher production with less energy

A new drying process at Carletti has resulted in multiple gains: A shorter production time, higher productivity, and large energy savings. Consequently, the repayment period of investments was shortened to only two years.

»We have increased our capacity through the shortened drying process from 19 to 12 hours for a batch of 4,500 kg of chocolate chips. In other words, we spend a lot less energy per produced unit and we produce more products per unit of time,«

says Kent Egsgaard

In cooperation with Danish Energy Consulting, four larger energy savings projects have been implemented at the chocolate and candy manufacturer Carletti. The projects included: Installation of dehumidifier on process air, recovery of heat from air compressor, conversion of oil burner to LPG-burner on the steam boiler, and renewal of fluorescent light to LED light. The four projects will in total give an annual saving of around 6 million kWh.

Before making an agreement with Danish Energy Consulting, a screening to identify the saving potential will be conducted. This screening will include the number of kilowatt-hours you would be able to save and how large potential subsidies from an energy company would be.

»As a company this is a good model. You receive some numbers on both the saving potential, the necessary investments, and on the repayment period, before deciding. So far, the calculations have been proven correct, and some of the savings have even come to be greater than calculated beforehand,« says Factory Manager of Carletti. Kent Egsgaard, about Danish Energy Consulting’s concept ”no cure – no pay”.

Energy Consultant, Ole Jakobsen, and Factory Manager of Carletti, Kent Egsgaard.
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