The Global Goals

At Danish Energy Consulting, we enable businesses to actively implement and work with the global goals as part of their strategy. We do this by helping businesses achieve a greener and more efficient energy consumption that benefits both the bottom line and the climate.

At Danish Energy Consulting, We Work to Promote the Global Goals

Denmark is among the UN member states that are best at implementing the global goals. In both 2017 and 2018, we took a second place on the list of UN countries which have reached the longest stage of introducing and living up to the global goals – but we are still not quite on target yet.

Although many Danish businesses are the front-runners in the development and implementation of sustainable solutions, there are still a large number of businesses – especially SMEs – who are not yet actively working to integrate the global goals into their business model. We would like to help change that.

Ensuring Sustainable Business Development through Energy Optimisation

Worldwide, we are moving in a direction where a sustainable business model is not just a choice but a term. Customers as well as suppliers and partners are increasingly demanding that businesses produce with a climate imprint as low as possible.

Businesses that target the global goals are thus helping to strengthen their competitiveness in the green transition. And it doesn’t have to be expensive to take part in the green transition. With energy efficiency, your business achieves energy savings that contribute positively to the bottom line. At the same time, savings in energy consumption result in more sustainable production, where resources such as electricity, water and heat are utilised as optimally as possible.

The global goals

Convert the Global Goals into Specific Initiatives and Measurable Results

At Danish Energy Consulting, we help businesses make a green business model feasible and profitable through energy savings. We have developed the Opteamize concept, which is specifically aimed at SMEs who want an energy partner to help systematise energy saving efforts and document sustainable development on the energy front.

With Opteamize, our consulting fees are based on the value of the savings realised. This ensures you that we, as consultants, will work intensively, since we will only receive fees when we can present you and your business with the real energy savings that you have achieved in collaboration with us.

Contact us and hear more about how we can help your business implement the world goals and make the green transition profitable and measurable.

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