Quality Management

Based on ongoing education and knowledge sharing we secure the expertise it takes to locate and work with any potential energy savings project, regardless of the business or process.

ISO 9001

Danish Energy Consulting is certified after ISO 9001. This secures that every project will meet our quality standards.

Ongoing Quality Management

To ensure that all our screening reports as well as completed reports meet the legislation’s requirements, they will be quality managed by an authorised employee. This also applies to all calculations and conclusions of the project. We will at any given time vouch for the validity of the savings and repayment time as promised in every project.

Quality Objectives

It is Danish Energy Consulting’s objective:

  • to deliver solutions which fulfil our client’s demands and expectations
  • to contribute to our client’s growth in profitability and image
  • to provide sustainable improvements for the client’s areas we work with.
  • to implement projects with a beneficial and holistic perspective
  • to accommodate our surroundings with commitment and enthusiasm
  • to insist on strong cooperation with clients and collaborators
  • to abide by the present regulatory requirements
  • to constantly work on improvements of our performance and work processes

Quality Policies

To ensure compliance of the quality objectives, we will continually measure and analyse customer satisfaction. The measurements will be based on the client’s written response to the question of whether the expectations to the cooperation in general have been met.