Our Organisation

Danish Energy Consulting is a Danish, private, and impartial consultancy company with headquarters in Silkeborg and a branch in Odense. The company was founded in 2007 and is today among Denmark's leading energy consulting companies.

Dansk Energirådgivning


2007 – A Need for Credible Energy Consulting

A need for credible energy consulting was the foundation when Marine Engineer Lars Waage Petersen in 2007 founded the one-man business Danish Energy Consulting. Today, credibility is still a core value when our more than 40 employees consult businesses, public organizations, and private persons about implementing profitable and sustainable energy saving projects.

In the beginning, we primarily consulted industrial clients, but today we consult within all types of businesses and processes. We especially consult in the fields of industry, agriculture, biogas, and the maritime sector.

Our project managers are specialized in and across different fields to provide the most optimal energy consulting. Thus, our consulting is founded on specific measurements of plants, thorough knowledge of fields, and professional expertise.

We have decided to let our fee be dependent on the success of the project. In this way client and consultant share a mutual interest in creating the most beneficial project which meets the calculated energy savings. This is your guarantee that we only make promises we can keep – this is credibility.

2010 – A Growing Business

In 2010, the company was changed to an Inc. as the group of owners was expanded. Since then, a professional management team has been established and the company’s board of directors has been expanded with more board members. The company continued to grow, and in 2014, 2015 and 2016 it was named a Gazelle company by Børsen.

2017 – Danish Biogas Consulting

In cooperation with Biologist Nicolaj Ørskov Olsen, Danish Energy Consulting founded Danish Biogas Consulting. Our employees at Danish Biogas Consulting are specialised in consulting about project development, implementation, optimisation, expansion, operation and service of biogas plants.

Danish Biogas Consulting became a part of Danish Energy Consulting in 2017 but kept its own brand.

2018 – Branch in Eastern Denmark

In 2018 Danish Energy Consulting implemented a branch in Odense to accommodate the increased demand for energy consulting on Zealand and Funen. At the head of the branch in Eastern Denmark is quality responsible and senior project manager Flemming Sæderup Rytter.

2019 – GreGas

In 2019 Danish Energy Consulting formed a subsidiary in Germany ­– GreGas – to accommodate the growing demand for biogas consulting south of the border. The name GreGas comes from Green Gas Assistance, which emphasises that GreGas advises and assists customers in the biogas industry.

2020 – Danish Energy Consulting Divides in Two

To establish the best conditions for continued growth in both the biogas and energy area, the group of owners of Danish Energy Consulting chose to initiate a split of the company in 2020. The split means that Danish Energy Consulting and Danish Biogas Consulting become two independent companies with separate management.


At Danish Energy Consulting we have team spirit and are focused on being productive, trustworthy and dedicated in every work task.


It is always based on complete impartiality when our project managers identify the optimal financial and technical solutions for any energy saving project. It is our job to maintain an overview of the project and create innovative solutions which are beneficial to the client.


We only make promises we can keep. Our suggested solutions are based on detailed measurements and physical assessment of the plant and area. This is how we ensure that our consulting always takes place at eye level. We guarantee that the saving you are estimated to receive is correct.


We never compromise on experience and expertise. When we say we can consult any type of business about energy optimisation, it is because we have highly educated and skilled project managers who are dedicated to their field of work. Our employees are specialised in and across several types of businesses and processes. This ensures that any energy savings project will receive specific and goal-oriented energy consulting.

Team Spirit

Our team spirit ties the company together across various disciplines. We share experience and expertise across departments and responsibilities in order for us to work together towards a greener and more efficient energy usage, whether in biogas, industry, agriculture, the maritime or other business areas.


Executive Board

  • Johnny Hedemann Gregersen Ryser, Managing Director

Board of Directors

  • Søren Kristensen, Chairman of the Board
  • Jon Erik Malthe-Bruun, Board Member
  • Thomas Kristiansen, Board Member
  • Nicolaj Ørskov Olsen, Board Member
  • Per Jensen, Board Member
  • Peer Krogh, Board Member

Group of Owners

  • MB Maskinholding ApS
  • Thomas Kristiansen
  • Nicolaj Ørskov Olsen