At Danish Energy Consulting, we are driven by a common goal of a greener and more efficient energy consumption. We believe that we can – in collaboration with our clients – create innovative, energy-efficient solutions that contribute to making sustainable development profitable, efficient and value-adding.

As an employee at Danish Energy Consulting, you become part of a company with passionate employees. These employees dare to think outside the box to find the most optimal solutions, want to make changes in the energy field, and want to make a difference for colleagues, customers and collaborators.

Want to Join Us in Creating Positive Energy?

We are always on the lookout for new, talented colleagues who strive to be the best in their field and who want to participate in a community where we challenge and develop each other.

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How Is It to Be Part of Danish Energy Consulting?

Results and Well-being Goes Hand in Hand

We believe that we create the best results when we are having a good time together. That is why we attach great importance to having team spirit and showing respect and confidence in the fact that we all do our utmost to create the most optimal solutions and achieve our goals. We conduct annual staff development interviews and well-being surveys, which help to focus on further developing our well-being in the workplace.

High Professionalism and Knowledge Sharing

At Danish Energy Consulting we pride ourselves on our professional competences and experience, which help to ensure our quality and professionalism. We would like to share our knowledge with colleagues so that we can jointly become wiser and further develop. We also invest in developing the skills of our employees through further education and participation in professional networks.

Innovation and Development

We are among the leading energy consulting companies in Denmark, and we take pride in leading the way with new ideas and initiatives. Therefore, you can also be sure that your opinions and suggestions are heard. Our ambitions are high, so we can take part in shaping a greener and more energy-efficient future that creates value for all our stakeholders.

Room for Community and Other than Work

We know that there are other things in life than work. As an employee at Danish Energy Consulting, you have flex time and the opportunity to work from home at times, so that your working hours can be planned in relation to your leisure time.

In addition, we also emphasise the importance of being part of an informal community with one’s colleagues, without the focus always being on work. There should be space for taking a game of table football on a working day and the opportunity to take part in social events outside of working hours, such as sports events, musicals, Christmas lunch and more.

Benefits as an Employee

At Danish Energy Consulting, we want good working conditions for our employees. In addition to a salary package with pensions, you as an employee also receive benefits such as health insurance, fruit scheme, paid employee broadband, profit sharing and the opportunity for bonus.